We developed this as a place to learn more about this wonderful breed of dog (EDUCATIONAL) and a place to show off our family of dogs (BRAG). If you are here to buy a puppy this is probably not the best place for you because we do not breed often and we are very particular about who qualifies as a family member. I say family because each time we place a puppy we consider that our family just got larger. If you are lucky enough to adopt one of our puppies then you are a very special person in our eyes. If we do not have puppies available and yet you feel you are in the special category I will be happy to pass your name along to someone who I know breeds for quality dogs.

Following a hunting trip that my family took it was decided that we needed another dog.  We had sporting dogs in the past although at this point in our lives we were dog-less.  Being the dog lover that I am I was all excited and eager to do some research to find the best bird dog for us.  So one evening at a public library I started reading.  I came across a new breed . . .

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